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What You Should Be Eating to Avoid Becoming Obese

Obesity according to WHO is accumulation of fat in the body to the extent that it poses danger for it. It has been defined as an epidemic which is expanding all around the world. The change of lifestyle from active to sedentary and improper

dietary habits leads to obesity. It is mainly due to environmental factors but genetic factors also influences in a person being obese. Other major reasons which could lead to obesity are stress, fatigue, smoking and any medical reasons like hyperthyroidism etc. Obesity leads to some of the major health diseases like it increases the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and hypertension, etc. Obesity management through exercise and diet control will help in maintaining and living a healthy life.

Unhealthy eating is the main factor which leads to obesity both in children as well as adults. What you should be eating to avoid becoming obese is a question which holds a lot of importance to prevent childhood obesity. It has been observed that parents’ behavior regarding eating, shopping and healthy living influences a child and thus a lot of comfort eating, eating out, chocolates all lead to obesity. These children grow into obese adults and may also develop eating disorders. It is important to learn and know what type of foods should be avoided in obesity. The rest of the article lists the food products to be avoided to become obese.

Foods low in fat and those which slowly release energy are considered the best for obese. These may be:

  • Water – It is a scientifically proven fact that water helps in reducing fat by flushing out the toxins from the body. Our body is not able to recognize between hunger and thirst and thus drinking a glass of water will keep our stomach full resulting in lower intake of calories. It is suggested that a person should drink 8 -10 glasses of water daily.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – These have low calories and provide adequate amount of nutrients to the body. It could be eaten in any part of the day, substituting our breakfast of egg or cereals with fruits will help us in reducing the calories intake. Similarly salads with lunch and dinner will keep us full with just the right amount of essential nutrients and water.
  • Protein rich food – If you are a non-vegetarian inclusion of lean chicken, beef, pork would help you since the fat content is low. For vegetarians peas, lentils and beans are good option for protein requirement of the body. It should be included in every meal. Low fat yoghurt, skim milk are also important source of protein.
  • Wholegrain breads, pasta, and cereals – they are rich in fiber and carbohydrates which releases energy slowly in the bloodstream and make the stomach feel full for a long time.

Besides these it should be ensured that you choose whole foods over processed foods. There are certain foods which can help you burn the fat stored in your body and thus helping you to be in shape. These foods are:

  • Citrus Fruits– they are a rich source of Vitamin C which is said to increase the metabolism of the body and in process burns the fat. It also helps in reducing the LDL that is the bad cholesterol of the body. They are the best food products to reduce the fat.
  • Oats – generally taken in breakfast and is full of insoluble fiber which gives a feeling of full stomach for a long time and prevent the calories intake.
  • Lentils – one of the daily food product used in India, it helps in lowering the bad cholesterol. Contains essential amino acids and keeps the stomach full.
  • Almonds and Walnuts – these are rich in healthy fats and make a good snack.
  • Water– as described earlier it is a scientific fact that a person wanting to lose fat is asked to increase his water intake.

Incorporating the above mentioned food products in your diet will help in avoiding obesity. It should also be noted that with these healthy foods it is necessary that a healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy and long life. Spend little time with your body, exercise and meditate to listen to the needs of the body and help your soul to live in beautiful body as you live in your homes.



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