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What do Richmond Road, Mayfield Road and Detroit Road have in common?

Thinking about wedding the first thought that crosses our mind is jewelry. Diamonds have redefined the whole wedding experience from engagement rings to bridal sets. It is a dream of every bride to be at their best. As it is said diamonds are the best friends of women, what more could they ask for on their special day. It is not just adding a glamour to your wedding but diamond jewelry are associated with longer relationships and increases the inner strength and provides balance to the wearer.  Diamonds were once considered a costly affair but now it is a part of everybody’s life. Online diamond stores help you find the right diamond either for your own engagement or for your best friend’s wedding. They even provide you the guide to know and choose a perfect diamond, customize them as per your choice and they are ready to be delivered just in time.

Cleveland has some of the finest diamond stores owing to the fact that one of the earliest diamonds to be cut was named as Cleveland gem. The Richmond Road, Mayfield road and Detroit Road are said to have the some of the finest diamond stores. We all want that when we plan our wedding we should have the best of everything and purchase from all over the world but it is not possible and feasible to fly overseas to purchase the best diamonds and hence most of us would settle for something else. But with online shopping it is possible to purchase the best of diamonds.

Diamonds can never be out of fashion though its shape may get constant swings. Pear shaped bridal sets and rings form an important tradition of Asian jewelry where other parts of the world may not find them in fashion. Making of a pear shaped jewelry set needs a lot of tricks as it is difficult to mount a pear shaped jewelry piece or a gem. The pear shaped cutting of a diamond requires skill and it maximizes the carat weight of the diamonds. Diamond bridal set with pear cut diamond enhances the beauty of the set and the bride as well.

Pear shaped wedding band symbolizes a trusted and a long relationship and hence the demand of a pear shaped rings are not uncommon. It has been in tradition to wear pear shaped bands since the thirteen century and is still considered as a fashion statement. The pear cut provides elegant look to the diamonds and enhances the sparkle of the diamond. Whether it is an online order or not pear cut diamonds rule the wedding statement. While getting one for yourself be sure that you buy one of the highest grades and the best quality from a reputed store.

Ohio in US is considered as the mineral state where as many as six different grades of diamonds are found. What could be the best place other than it to buy the original and perfect diamond. Shop for diamonds for yourself, for your man just ensure that when you are investing a small fortune of yours the diamonds should be worth it. Buy it from a reputed store. Having a knowledge of its grade, cut and carat will help you in your quest for best diamonds just remember “Diamonds are forever”.


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Shopping – women’s pleasure, men’s nightmare

If you conflict with the statement can you give one valid reason behind why there are men sitting outside a shopping mall.  Well they all are waiting for their better halves (female partners) to finish their shopping.

There are many forms of shopping available now which has eased and modified the way we do our purchasing ( a relief for most men out there). There are online shopping options available for everything is it a daily grocery that we need or that expensive jewelry for ourselves. Even financial products are available to shop online. Fill in your cart with the products and pay either on delivery or at that very moment. Shopping malls have come up which provide all the big names under one roof and one can just wander around the mall and do window shopping. A supermarket is a one stop shop for our all shopping need from groceries to electronics everything is under one roof.

What is the one thing you love doing? The answer would readily be shopping for almost 98% of women. For men this would turn out to be their biggest nightmare. Shopping is a thing where we analyze, see, and compare the things offered by the retailers with an intention to purchase either at the same time or in the near future.

We have heard that dark chocolates are best remedy for depression. But I bet ask any women and they will say shopping is the best way to release stress and depression. Women are good at shopping than men. This is a research and it indicates that because they take time to analyze and bargain and then take the final decision whether to purchase or not. This is not the case with a particular section of women but it is a fact with all the women. They love to wear and see what suits them the perfect.

Why men hate shopping? Give all the credit to our ancestors who did all the hunting for the family. They were always in a hurry so that the prey does not get away from them. Before the prey is gone they would just pounce on it and grab it. Women on the other hand were responsible to collect the fruits and berries from the trees. They would take time to collect the ripe and leave the unripe or rotten ones. So blame it to our ancestors that till today women make efforts to take that extra care while shopping and men take it as an expedition or hunting.

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