Foods which can aid in Reducing Fat !!!

We always think that foods make us fat but it is not so. It is not the food but your lifestyle which is making you fat.  this blog is an effort to bring together the results of various researches which states that some foods do actually aid in reducing the body fat.  Any food which is rich in fiber will help in reducing the body weight so make sure that your diet is a high fiber diet.

Now lets have a look at some foods which can help you shed off that extra calories from your body.

1. Cinnamon – adding cinnamon in your food will help you to eat only the amount required by your body as it contains a compound which reduces the hunger pangs of the body.

2. Green Tea – it is one of the effective beverages which aid in reducing weight because it is full of anti-oxidants which helps in burning fat. Also used in cancer treatment.

3. Olive oil – especially for women as it is rich in anti-oxidants. Virgin olive oil can be eaten with salads.

4. Sprouts– sprouts of pulses helps in the slimming process when eaten raw as it is rich in fiber and vitamins.

5. Blueberries – they are useful in reducing your belly fat as they contain anthocyanins which burn the fat. It is fibrous and keeps the stomach full for a long time.

6. Low fat yoghurt – According to International journal Of Obesity a low fat yoghurt and dairy products can help in having a slim body because of its protein called Whey which helps in building muscle mass of the body.

7. Onions– they are known to increase the metabolism of the body and thus reduce the fat

8.  Vinegar – it slows down the movement of the food in our digestive system and thus gives a feeling of full stomach for a longer time.

9. Fruits – They need no explanation. Full of water, fiber and vitamins.

10. Water – as said in my earlier blog drink as much water as you can. It has no calories at all.

So Best Of Luck to All…..


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